Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here is the scoop - my point to this is to share what happens with other folks and to hopefully be a better parent / person ...

Old tech guy but new to blogging - I am simply a dad - i was married 15 years - divoced 6 an - sadly - read funny - dateless - no idea how to chase - my buddies had a wake for me cause ' the dog cant hunt anymore'

I live in southern NH - have my boys every weekend - wish i could have them every day but gotta work.

Upfront - got owned in divorce - but my kids are safe - I am a tech guy that traveled all the time - took almost a 50% cut in pay to come back - I hated travel - missed my kids - poor but happy now...

Daily I intemd to toss out what happens = my intentions is to make others laugh and realize there are more out here for support.

I love having my kids aound but after 15 years of marriage I suck at being single - lol - but who would want a 46 year old with 2 kids.. - answer me - I am commited to being the best Dad ever - all input is welcome

My email is

Be safe all

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