Sunday, December 21, 2008

FWIW A little advice

AS Tough as I feel about being alone on XMas is bullcrap - it will suck . So if you have a cell Phone leave your battery and power cord somewhere else - sad drunk phone calls are stupid - don't be a fool go to church go for a walk dont be a pain in the ass..

Just my opinion

Divorce is tough on all parties

Here I am in wonderful snowey Manchester, NH - it is my wife turn to have the kids on XMas - now we have a godd relationship - I traveled the country for 5 years after are divorce to make ends meet... So I suggest we she comes overwith the boys for Xmas eve - I offer her the bed and the boys and I will sleep in the living room - said hey i will cook , etc etc - she says no way and adds a few names I wont write here . It is sad I wanted our boys to have a good XMas and she hates me so much she screw thm... How can somone be so bitter to hurt there own children...

The older I get the more I shake my head... Well on the upside I get my boys Friday morning - so I guess Wed & Thur are about Tequilla , movies, games, coping ... I hope you folks have a happier XMAS - I am so mad my X wants to hurt my kids to spite me... sad..

Oh well be strong move on Friday will be great when they show up..

Be safe all

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life is odd...

Busy at work - time with my kids not enough - my stress is so high - just grinding thru it - it really sux

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why am I at work today?

Sadly because I am Tech Support for a few Mission Critical Applications...

Day almost over - sad note - I was reading a blurb that some poor Walmart employee in NY got trampled to death by customers this morning - Saving a few bucks worth someones life?

Be careful out there.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy T-Day to all - me and the kids are avoiding turkey.. We are doing Steak - marinated for 3 days in my old school sauce - hope all is well

Souther NH folks lets connect - glad to cook for a troop of folks - the way I learned ..

Be Safe

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here is the scoop - my point to this is to share what happens with other folks and to hopefully be a better parent / person ...

Old tech guy but new to blogging - I am simply a dad - i was married 15 years - divoced 6 an - sadly - read funny - dateless - no idea how to chase - my buddies had a wake for me cause ' the dog cant hunt anymore'

I live in southern NH - have my boys every weekend - wish i could have them every day but gotta work.

Upfront - got owned in divorce - but my kids are safe - I am a tech guy that traveled all the time - took almost a 50% cut in pay to come back - I hated travel - missed my kids - poor but happy now...

Daily I intemd to toss out what happens = my intentions is to make others laugh and realize there are more out here for support.

I love having my kids aound but after 15 years of marriage I suck at being single - lol - but who would want a 46 year old with 2 kids.. - answer me - I am commited to being the best Dad ever - all input is welcome

My email is

Be safe all

New at this - using this medium to martial my thoughts - sort out my life post divorce -(6 years) and hopefully make everyone smile as a single dad muddles forward in life .